Craft trade was established and run by Mr. Zvonko Babić for 40 years, in close cooperation with all participants of the gas industry in order to promote the gas profession.

In the beginning Zvonko Babić only employed one other person. Over the years, however, the number of employees increased. Between 1973 and 1980 collaborations were established with European gas stove manufacturers in Berlin and Leipzig.

Furthermore, the company signed a contract for servicing all of the gas appliances from German manufacturers whose products were available on the Yugoslav market. At the time, Plinoservis Babić covered the area of Zagreb and the outlying 50 km. By 1985 the company had a staff of five people; their service included metered gas installation, the fitting and repairing of gas appliances (such as Vaillant, Junkers, GGD, Mora, etc.) and stoves, oven fitting and gas installation for Masonry heaters.
At the same time Plinoservis Babić became a partner to Gradska plinara Zagreb.

The nineties saw the arrival of more sophisticated technologies. All staff frequently attended vocational training conferences and on-the-job training seminars, such as the Vaillant Education Centre Zagreb. Their expertise and efficiency was recognised by both those in the same field of business and by the customers. New contracts concerning approved servicing ensued with Vaillant, Beretta, Bosch Junkers, Lampart and FEG branch offices in Zagreb.

An increased variety of product ranges resulted in a need for more expertly trained staff. As the business expanded, Zvonko Babić prepared his son Goran for taking over the business. Moreover, a strong collaboration developed with the Zagreb School of Installation Fitting and Metal Constructions, whose students attended their practical and vocational training at Plinoservis Babić. Following their education they were either employed the company as expert staff or could seek employment elsewhere.
Since the business was passed on to the owner’s son, Plinoservis Babić changed its name to Babić ZG Plinoservis, where ZG stands for Zvonko and Goran, as well as Zagreb, the city where they live and work.

Longtime owner retires in 2014, and all the business activities are completely taken over by his son Goran, at that time elected Secretary of gas fitters and servicemen Section at the Trades and Crafts Association of Zagreb.

Babić ZG plinoservis is a proud employer of a trained staff of fifteen. Each of them began their vocational training and completed it at our company, and, furthermore, they have passed their knowledge on to over one hundred pupils who have taken their practical training here. They received the KV qualification for gas installers and, today, eight of them are successful businesspeople in Zagreb County.

As a part of our regular business practices, each year three pupils from the School of Installation Fitting and Metal Constructions attend practical training classes and thus gain the required qualifications.

Babić ZG plinoservis is realizing the owner’s long-term plan, who directed the business towards specialization and higher education of qualified staff, resulting in distinguishing service provision and client confidence.

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